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If you're considering buying logo printed USB flash drives then its worth giving some thought to how you want to present these to your customers/clients. For many the standard "poly bags" that they come in are fine because they make it easy to distribute them. For others its not just about how good the branded memory stick looks but more about the overall impact they make when they are handed out. If you really want to up the anti then you should consider a presentation box/tin and even think about getting these printed,
Paper Box
Magnetic Box
Window Tin Box
Tin Box
Flip Tin Box

Please note addtional gift box packing will charge and also increase shipping cost, call us soon or Email to for help, we are always there for you.

Paper Flip Box
Leather Wallet
Credit Card Box
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If you've decided to order some promotional or branded USB flash drives for a forthcoming event, show or conference then you might want to consider complimenting the flash drive with our range of accessories. These can be supplied plain or printed with printed options not only complimenting the branded flash drive but reinforcing your brand or logo way beyond the relatively small incremental cost of the accessory.

If you are interested in any of these accessories then just let us know when you ask for a quote and we'll make sure we include the prices in our response. We do have samples of the accessories so if you're "not sure" then just ask and we'll happily send a sample for you to help you make a decision.
Key Clasps
Key Ring
USB Extension Cable
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     Aside of logo print usb service, Iotech has more skills inside! here's our deep customize service, which can help you make deep tailored usb memory stick, but remember, you can only chose one of them,

1.Pre-load Data,

2.Website Pop Up,

3.Picture Pop-Up,

4.Set Disk Icon,


Write it down in the Extra Information in the Inquiry Form, then we will arrange for you.

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